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My lovely friend recently introduced me to the wonderful Nutribullet and it has already changed my ways. This amazingly small and neat gadget is so easy to use (and CLEAN) and makes the most delicious smoothies. It works by breaking down the ingredients into their most absorptive state, and at £99 […]

♡ Nutribullet

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I am not one for juice fasts – there’s no point pretending. I would just faint and/or be grumpy. Very grumpy. I am, however, all on for delicious juices in conjunction with a healthy diet and have recently been introduced to these fab cold pressed juices from Bobo’s Juicery. Jo […]

♡ Bobo’s Juicery

I love salads, particularly when they are doused in delicious dressing. I generally eat very little meat and pretty much always go for a veggie option when eating out. I am, however, partial to crispy bacon and the (very occasional) burgers at ‘Chosen Bun‘ in Fulham Broadway. They are ridiculously […]

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Coco Vita is my serious indulgent go-to drink, and I drank it by the gallon when pregnant. A friend in the know told me that it is the best thing to drink when expecting as not only is it pasteurized, it just hits the spot when it comes to thirst. It […]

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