♡ Famille Summerbelle

When I was pregnant with Mstr L, one of the first things I bought for his nursery was a London print from Famille Summerbelle. I had the beautiful red print framed in a simple white wooden frame, and it currently hangs on his wall next to his bed.

I love that it shows where we live and shows little people going about their everyday lives (amusingly a mother pushing a pram in our area. Nappy valley extraordinaire).

This lovely family run business designs and sells an array of colourful map paper cuts and prints of the World, London, New York, Paris and San Francisco. They also have very cool wallpaper depicting New York and Paris scenery, as well as various other lovely items. See below for my favourites, all of which can be found here.

worldMainparisBluemain-03 NYCSilverNewMapofFranceInsitulonPinkmain-01nycBlackthumb

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