♡ La Coqueta

We went to a lovely children’s party the other day. There was a rubber duck race on Barnes’ duck pond, the father dressed up as a dragon and the children (dressed as knights and princesses) chased him across the common with water bombs. It was such a fun party and the children had an amazing time.

Spanish friends of the hosts were there, and I couldn’t help but admire their gorgeous little boy who was dressed impeccably. The Spanish, along with the French, just know how to dress their children. Their children also seem to stay very, very clean – much to my bemusement. (I’ve read ‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’ and I’m still none the wiser.)

One brand that I’ve recently been introduced to is La Coqueta. Based in London, this incredible company was founded by a Spanish mother of FIVE:

“I feel there is a need for traditional, timeless fashion for children which also incorporates a chic and contemporary style for our modern world. I have found this with the Spanish designers I work with and can wholeheartedly say all the collection is ‘Proudly made in Spain’. Our clothing and shoes are beautifully made, functional and hard-wearing. As a mother of five, I know how important it is to find easy care clothes that stand the test of time, can be passed on to the next baby and still look great.”

Have a look below and see just how beautiful their clothes are.

plumetti_girl_lookpenelope_girl_look_1 lorenzo_baby_lookjamie_boy_look gabriela_look_baby_test__1 fanta_girl_look elisa_baby_lookdolores_look_baby_test_ casilda_girl_look bosco_boy_look bertin_boy_look beatriz_girl_lookadrian_boy_look

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