♡ ‘Claire On Cloud 9′ Cushions and Mobiles

We had a little excitement last week when having some work done in the garden. I asked the workmen if they wouldn’t mind removing our old broken barbecue, along with its attached canister of propane gas. A fairly innocuous task … so I thought.

While in the process of feeding both boys, I looked outside to see all three men hopping about looking panicked. The men then rushed inside, while simultaneously calling the fire brigade, and ushering us out of the house. Somehow the pipe of the canister had been cut and foul smelling gas was literally pouring into the (very enclosed) garden.

Five minutes later there were two fire engines outside, sirens blazing, and approximately twenty firemen. I would have counted properly but was too busy dying of embarrassment in the corner. Mstr M, who was still seated in his highchair, eating al fresco, was loving the spectacle and Mstr L couldn’t have been more excited if he tried – of course.

The lovely fireman in charge sat him in one of the fire engines and gave him a little tour, making one very happy (and strangely mute) boy. After many profuse apologies and offers of tea, they were gone.

Mstr L still jumps for joy when he sees a fire engine whizz by and assumes (shouts to all that will listen) that it is coming to our house to rescue mummy from gas.

In other news, I’ve recently come across these amazing cushions and mobiles by Claire on Cloud 9. Claire Halson set up this very cool company from her home in South Oxfordshire, where she makes each item by hand.

All of her gorgeous cushions and mobiles would make the loveliest addition to any nursery and would be brilliant presents for both boys and girls.

See below for my favourites –  I am particularly tempted by the lightning bolt cushion (£25).

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