♡ Fun Storage Ideas

I’m always on the hunt for fun storage ideas and have become somewhat preoccupied with trying to tidy our house and rid us of unnecessary clutter. See below for some of my favourite storage ideas.

Mstr M has no interest whatsoever in soft baby toys and rattles anymore, so these are all going to the local charity shop. He is, however, very into his older brother’s trucks and fire station, which really doesn’t go down very well with Mstr L.

I’m trying to teach him the notion of sharing, but this doesn’t always work. I can also empathise with him because they really were his toys originally, and it is probably annoying to have his baby brother chewing away on his favourite fireman figure.

My friend recently forwarded me this article with regards to children sharing and I think that it is really interesting. We’ve all had that awkward moment on a playdate when your child grabs his/her friend’s toy (or vice versa) and an angry, tear filled scene unfolds.

I normally tell my boy to hand over the toy and share (even though he may have only just picked it up, which really isn’t fair of me), and the other mother tells her child to play with something else, desperately waving another toy in their face. Both children then look at their mothers in bewilderment as the advice is conflicting. Then come the tears. Both mothers then mumble some sort of apology along the lines of “no, no. He/She HAS to learn!”. Basically they’ve learnt nothing except that their mothers are confusing creatures.

This article suggests that we should teach our children to say “You can have it when I’ve finished”, showing positive assertiveness. So no more sharing in our house. It’s turn-taking time, and I’m definitely going to give it a shot.

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