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My lovely friend recently introduced me to the wonderful Nutribullet and it has already changed my ways. This amazingly small and neat gadget is so easy to use (and CLEAN) and makes the most delicious smoothies. It works by breaking down the ingredients into their most absorptive state, and at £99 is by far cheaper than other leading ones out there. You know who I’m talking about.

I feel slightly anxious about mentioning smoothies as I fear the Instagram world has gone a little crazy on them as well as avocado and smashed eggs on bloomin’ toast (rye – it has to be rye) and damn selfies. The latter, I feel, is a particular abomination as I swear it’s turning girls all over the world into vain little twerps.

Smoothies are amazing though and are such a good (and quick) way to get as many nutrients as possible. My favourite smoothie is without a doubt Deliciously Ella’sBanana, Date and Almond Shake‘ that Mstr L loves to slurp down too. He is also somewhat partial to green smoothies, I kid you not. I obviously don’t let him see what goes in them.

He is a typical four year old when it comes to his greens and I once even resorted to telling him that spinach will make him strong like Popeye. I then, of course, had to google Popeye and show him the picture on my phone. He wasn’t impressed at all by this butch sailor/ex con, smoking a pipe, bulging arms covered in tats and neither was I.

What was I thinking?


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One thought on “♡ Nutribullet

  • Louisa

    Funnily enough I wrote about the effects of Instagram and vanity today as well! I agree with you there; they are all lead by Kim Kardashian. We can all publish books with our selfies and make money…

    Smoothies rock! My kids love pretty much anything and I make sure to use almond milk – my kids LOVE almonds. And peanut butter?! So many PBJ’s are being made right now… Our favourite smoothie is with almond milk, berries, Greek yogurt, oats and maple syrup (we are Canadian after all!)