♡ Mummy Hughesy

Mstr L’s superhero themed birthday party is coming up and I have ordered this incredible cape, mask and iron on patch for his t shirt by Mummy Hughesy. I don’t own a sewing machine, and even if I did, it’s debatable as to whether or not I could turn it on.

Mummy Hughesy is a seriously clever and talented lady and can conjure up any sort of cape you may have in mind for girls and boys, and the prices are very reasonable. They would make such lovely presents for any child.

unnamed-1unnamed unnamed-2

In other news Mstr L received a tick (as in the small arachnid) as a going away present from a recent trip away. I immediately frenzy googled what to do with this little critter, and was advised by Dr Google to remove immediately. My poor little lamb was then subjected to a tweezer attack by his mummy, resulting in me beheading the tick and unable to remove the rest of the tiny body from his arm.

Chelsea and Westminster hospital A&E was our next port of call as Dr G informed me that it is vital that antibiotics should be taken straight away to prevent Lyme disease and infection, especially if part of the body is left embedded. All was sorted by the wonderful Doctor at C&W and he is currently on his two week course of antibiotics (aka banana medicine).

We are now counting down the days until his last day at nursery and I am dreading it already. I know for one that I will be in tears. He has his first trial morning at his Big Boy’s School on Thursday and I am preparing him for this with serious ice cream and sticker bribes.

I really can’t believe that my little man is going to school already.

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