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So Mstr L went back to school yesterday and seems to be loving it, which is a massive relief. I was totally fine up until the night before, then I seemed to spontaneously burst into tears at random moments, without warning. Yes. I was an emotional mess.

For those of you who have to make packed lunches for nursery or school (yawn), I want to introduce you to this genius and lifesaving product called YumBox.

We have had one for a few months now, and it has revolutionised lunch time. I’m not joking. This wonderfully coloured (and dishwasher friendly) box is split into six little compartments and is designed to be nutritionally balanced. The unique design helps with portion control as well – so great for adults too.

The boys love theirs and we take them pretty much everywhere we go. I tend to put in little sausages (thank you M&S), slices of avocado, humous (of course), carrot batons, cut up pieces of whole meal pita bread, cheese cubes and blueberries with yoghurt. The ingenious lid is leak proof too, so there is no hideous mess.

There are some wonderful meal ideas on their Instagram page, so be sure to check it out for inspiration. Though pricey, (£24.95 plus postage) this really is one of the best things I have bought for the boys, and I thoroughly recommend it. I am also very tempted by the new panino one for myself!

The lovely people at Yumbox have kindly offered a 10% discount for readers. Simply use the code ‘HeartBeatFaster‘ at checkout.




Strawberry Yumbox by Wendolonia

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