♡ My Little Cherry Pie

Just a quick post to tell you about ‘My Little Cherry Pie‘ and their gorgeous bunny ears.

If you are after the loveliest present for a child, then these lavender filled (read potentially sleep inducing) bunny ears are perfect.

The actual ears are made from the softest fleece material and come in a wonderful array of colours.

I recently received the most awesome extra large version in a black and white chevron, with pale grey ears. There is also a tiny pouch (which would be ideal for the tooth fairy too) containing a lavender heart insert. Heavenly. So much so, that I may order one for myself.

The boys are smitten with theirs already and, coincidentally, or maybe not, Mstr L has dramatically improved his sleeping habits. He was previously waking approximately three times a night for a (painfully) long time.

I bet I’ve tempted fate by putting this into words now. Drat. But it’s true…

bunny ears buny ears tiny

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