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Mstr L is into the full swing of summer term, and is yet to fully comprehend that his two heavenly teachers will sadly not be with him come Year 1. There will undoubtedly be tears when I eventually have to break this to him. He is such a softie, which I adore, and much prefer to tough and overly confident.

Every monday his school sends out a list of the forthcoming week’s menu. I immediately mentally flag, highlight and red ring the offending rice puddings (and anything else with  resembling consistencies) and remind him not, I repeat not, to even try it. I know that it would only result in a call from the lovely school nurse, yet again, telling me that he has been sick everywhere. It’s just not worth it.

Mstr M has recently started nursery, and was positively drowning in his older brother’s smock. Utterly adorable and heart wrenching. It amazes me how much tougher I have become with number 2. I was in tears with Mstr L as he, also in tears, clung onto me for dear life, pleading with me not to leave. Traumatic, to say the least.

Mstr M, however, is an entirely different kettle of fish. He is so strong minded, and despite initially crying, I peeked around the corner and watched in amazement as he picked up the toy phone and had a full on conversation, finishing it off with “yeah yeah, bye bye” (no idea where he gets that one from). He then waddled over to the art table and just got stuck in. He is so happy there, and eats his packed lunch (pasta. Always has to be pasta, in his bright red yumbox) next to his new chums.

I now have a few (LOVELY) mornings to myself, and despite initially toying with the idea of getting a dog (immediately shot down by well meaning friends and family!!) we are thinking of getting a Siberian cat, being that it is hypoallergenic, as Mstr L is allergic.

Master L is desperate for a cat and currently owns a pet snail (called Snail) who lives in a pierced tupperware box as a home, complete with leaves and a water bottle top as a water bowl. I am in a major dilemma as what to do with Snail though, as I fear he may have a short life in this tupperware box. I will of course do my best to prolong this much loved snail’s life, but I am not yet ready for the death chat. We do have quite a few snails in our garden though, so not all is lost.

With summer just around the corner, I am on the hunt for some fun clothes for the boys. Well, Mstr L, to be precise, as the littlest one gets all the hand me downs. I cannot resist popping into the basket the odd matching item as well though (something that genuinely used to make me cringe). Now I fully embrace the look, just not on a daily basis, mind.

Boden is always guaranteed to help out on the kids’ clothes front, and it would be rude not to when there is a 20% off sale at the moment. See below for my favourites, and for those of you with girls, the flamingo playsuit is just too much. In fact, there’s a lot of flamingo love going on below, as well as my favourite lobsters, skulls and anchors too…

15GSUM_32608_LGY_M0215GSUM_32616_GRY_D07  15GSUM_33356_WHT_M0115GSUM_32622_PBL_M02 15GSUM_33356_PBL15GSPR_32608_BLU_M0115BSUM_26068_RED_M0115BSUM_21786_PBL_M0115BSPR_24119_BBL_M0115BSPR_21782_ECR

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