♡ The Dip Society

My name is Lucy and I am addicted to homous. There. I said it. Anyone that knows me well, knows I love my homous and, well, any sort of dip really.

Back in the days, I denounced revolting school food, and instead survived pretty much solely on a diet of baguettes filled with cheese and chive dip with sliced avocado (I might add, I was tiny back then, and had a fast metabolism!).

Fast forward many years, the metabolism has definitely changed, but my dip fetish most certainly has not.

I am always on the dip hunt, and feel that my favourite Sabre homous may have finally been usurped by ‘The Dip Society‘. On a side note, if this were an actual society dedicated to the world of dipping, I would so join. It is in fact a lovely company based in Lincolnshire, producing the most heavenly range of dips out there.

Started by two girls who met at a mutual friend’s wedding, Helen (who previously worked for twelve years in fashion and TV) and Claire (who worked in food and creates the dips) formed a company to specialise in delicious, nutritious and gluten free dips.

I am hooked already, and have tried all of them! They are all delicious, but my favourites are Super duper Hummus, Sweetbeet, Wasapea and Mackeralata.

Mstr L is also a homous aficionado, thanks to his addict mother, and going by the way he wolfed down his pitta, carrot sticks and Super duper Hummus earlier- I’d say we’ve found a winner.

The dips are pretty much guilt free as they have great nutritional value, are gluten free and free from all the other nasties you regularly see in other brands.

I’m still weaning Mstr M (who is somewhat struggling with textured foods at present) but give it time…

Perfect for Christmas entertaining, (or just eating by yourself, accompanied by toasted wholemeal pitta, watching Homeland, glass of red to hand) and available at various farmers markets and Ocado. Dip heaven.


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