♡ Moccis

I want to share a lovely Christmas present idea for children. Moccis are awesome handmade Swedish leather soled shoes. They have lovely warm thick material uppers, and look great pulled up over tights or trousers. Mstr L lived in his as a baby and toddler, and Mstr M is now wearing his old ones – proving just how durable they are. They come in such funky designs. See below for my favourites.

On another note, Mstr M is now crawling! Hoorah! Mstr L, however, is definitely not overjoyed with this news. His baby brother is now crawling over to his latest Lego masterpiece and trying to eat it. In response Mstr L sits there motionless, quietly observing, eyeballing his brother and then me – ready to pounce. It feels just like a David Attenborough film (minus the soothing running commentary).

So, yes, a sigh of relief that Mstr M has reached another milestone, and a small slightly despairing sigh that Mstr M is now essentially prey.

AW11 - Stoney River AW11 - That's it, Navy AW12 - Finding Moccis B&W (5) Croc me Up jaws London Calling (3) Pengy Brr (4) Rock'N'Roll (17)

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