♡ Maileg Toys

We are big Maileg fans in our house. Mstr M has a little collection going, and I’ve recently ordered the sweetest Maileg tree decorations.

This amazing Dutch company make the most beautiful toys and are best known for their lovely bunnies. Mstr M has two of the bunnies in his room and the coolest pirate rattle. They are such simple toys and come in lovely muted colours. You can even buy accessories for the bunnies such as little houses, stoves and cars for them!

They are perfect heirloom toys and I really like the idea of collecting them. I am slightly in love with the matchbox mice and pixies in a tin. See below for my favourites that are available to buy at Bijou Lifestyle, a gorgeous online shop.

We are going to buy our tree this week and Mstr L is rather excited. It is going to have to be a table top one though as Mstr M is very much on the move. Mstr L is also rather keen to get going on his chocolate advent calendar – and anybody that knows me well, knows that I demolished the chocolates from my calendar on the 1st December, year after year. I’m not proud. Here’s hoping he hasn’t inherited that gene.

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