♡ Christmas Part Two

Well, Christmas is sadly over and it was perfect. We awoke to Mstr L shouting the house down with excitement that Father Christmas had been. Everyone then ‘clambered’ into our bed and opened Mstr L’s stocking.

He “oohd” and “aaahd” at every present and was a very happy boy. Mstr M, who’s first Christmas it was, wasn’t so fussed about what was going on, but was very content to play with all the sparkly wrapping paper.

After breakfast we all jumped into the car and went to the family Mass at the Church where we married. Mstr L immediately located a boy in the pew behind us who is at nursery with him, so that kept him entertained. It always amuses/puzzles me when I look around the congregation and see all the restless boys (with their parents desperately struggling to restrain them, yet remaining  dignified-ish) with the girls just sitting there, patiently…

We sat directly (on purpose) next to the loveliest nativity set, so Mstr L popped over there regularly to check out baby Jesus and the lambs (along with various other parents with their children/boys, hoping that they too will burn off some excess energy).

My family then came over to our house and we had a lovely day. Mstr L was over the moon with all his presents, but we saved the best for Boxing Day – his fireman/police station and the source of many a threat.

We have had a few problems putting him to bed of late, and I’m ashamed to admit it frequently results in us threatening that he won’t get his fireman/police station unless he gets into bed…and stays in bed, quietly. We are now stuffed.

One of his favourite presents is from my parents – a huge (A1 in size) set of pens, crayons, paints and pencils. He loves anything to do with art, so is one happy boy.  As is the carpet cleaner.

He also LOVES this Robofish (available here), that now has pride of place in his bedroom. It is so cool and swims around the bowl for five minutes at a time. Both boys were in awe. The carpet in Mstr L’s room wasn’t today though as the lot hit the floor, a bit like his lovely playdate’s clothes as she was invited into his wigwam. House rules…


Mstr M received some other lovely gifts too – and one of my favourites is this beautiful dressing gown by ‘My First Years‘. It has his name embroidered on it and is super soft.


After eating our delicious Christmas feast, drinking copious amounts of wine and downing many a shot of coffee, we then tucked into our delicious cake – courtesy of ‘Rachel’s Cake House‘ who make the most delicious cakes ever.

It was a really lovely rich and m***t chocolate cake, adorned with the sweetest snowman and pretty bow. Traditional fruit cake is like something out of a nightmare for me, along with Christmas pudding and the censored (but truly descriptive) word above.


After watching ‘Downton Abbey, Christmas Special’ (which wasn’t very Christmassy or special, I felt) we pretty much passed out. Hard core ravers THAT we are.

All in all, a perfect Christmas Day, full of family and fun.

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