♡ New Year, New Me…

Happy New Year! We had a very chilled one which was really lovely and much needed to be honest. The thought of dealing with children and coping with a horrendous hangover makes me shudder.

So, I am just back from the running shop (guess what one of my New Year’s resolutions is?!) where I bought a monstrous looking sports bra, some wrap around ear phones and a hand held water bottle. I’m raring to go. Just raring. My friend Sarah has spurned me on as she is doing a marathon a mere few months after giving birth. Hard core. So, now I have all the gear… Watch this space.

The boys are on fine form, although Mstr M has had a bout on conjunctivitis followed by the obligatory colds which they both seem to permanently have. We have spent the rest of the holidays pottering around, heading to Eddie Catz and seeing various friends and family. It has been so, so lovely having Mr A around all holiday and the boys just adore having him here. So sad he is back at work today.

Mstr L starts back at nursery on Wednesday and will be doing two extended days until 3pm for his last two terms there. In September he will be starting Big Boy School (sob sob). I know I will be in tears on his last day at nursery and his first day at school and am bracing myself already.

So, what with these extended days, he will be eating at nursery as of next week. I have already sneaked a peek at the variety of foods other kids are getting, and considering sandwiches are his favourite thing in the world, (avocado sandwiches, to be precise) I’m rather looking forward to doing some fun creative things with his food. He already has a very cool ‘Goodbyn’ lunchbox (similar available at the amazing Alex and Alexa) which we both decorated with the stickers provided. He loves it and is so excited already.

better lunch

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