♡ New Obsessions

Mstr L is at present captivated with his ‘Where’s Wally?’ book collection that he received for Christmas. He is very happy to sit there patiently staring at each page and then declaring with aplomb “I’VE FOUND HIM!”. Mr A and I have also set ourselves the challenge of who can find Wally the quickest. Oh yes we have.

Where wally

Mstr L is also currently obsessed with these delicious and healthy kids’ coconut ‘mylk’ drinks by ‘Rebel Kitchen‘ (currently available here, and soon to be widely available). They come in three flavours: ‘Banana Mylk’, ‘Choco Mylk’ and ‘Orange Choc Mylk’. We have only bought the ‘Choco Mylk’ one so far and I can honestly say that it is really tasty and perfect for the lunchbox.

What is most appealing about them is the list of ingredients. ‘Choco Mylk’ consists of water, coconut milk (11%), date nectar and cacao (2%) and that is it. No nasties, no sugar, just dairy free coconut goodness. We are already hooked.

rebel kitchen smallerChoco Mylk, RRP 99p

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