♡ Nearly One

I have been doing lots of research on car seats of late (thrilling) as Mstr L needs to move up from his Maxi Cosi Pearl to a Stage 3 seat, and Mstr M definitely needs to move on from his baby seat.

After much deliberation we decided on the Maxi Cosi Rodifix with integrated isofix base. It is very comfortable, will last him until he is 12 and most importantly is safe.

The seat has a recline function which is perfect for those longer journeys and it is very easily installed. I can’t admit to installing it to begin with though as the lovely guys at Halfords in Battersea had that job (free of charge and the seats are match priced). They were incredibly helpful and explained the pros and cons of each seat.

In other news Mstr M turns ONE next week, which is quite frankly insane. I cannot believe a whole year has passed since my littlest man was born. I will be making my version of red velvet cake as I have done every year for Mstr L. Not so great on the icing front, but it’s definitely improving.

Mstr L has just received his nursery report which very much made us chuckle. Alongside his written report was photographic evidence of him proposing to a little girlfriend of his. She was apparently crying and his response was to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him. Totally heartbreaking.

She better have said yes.


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