♡ Swoop, Swoop, Crash, Bang 2

I went on a girls’ skiing trip last weekend in France and it was such fun. I haven’t skied in a long time but thankfully my lovely friend was in the same predicament, so we just took it easy and stuck to the green slopes (with lots of well deserved breaks in between).

I managed to fall over a couple of times, both alarmingly while I was standing and not remotely downhill. It’s the getting up part that I particularly struggle with. My poor friend somehow managed to fall under the chair lift, much to the horror/amusement of us all. She was ok though, more shaken than anything and slightly hysterical with laughter.

We ate LOTS of cheese and bread, climbed treacherous mountains in the dark, bum sledged down treacherous mountains with our head torches on and laughed a lot. It was perfect and so nice to go somewhere totally different, complete with fresh alpine air.


While browsing Mothercare the other day I came across Jools Oliver’s lovely ‘Little Bird‘ new Spring collection. It is so sweet. See some of my favourites below:


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2 thoughts on “♡ Swoop, Swoop, Crash, Bang

  • Louisa Bauman

    I can’t tell you have giggly I was reading this! I can only imagine you on your ski’s!!
    I love read these posts Lucy – I really hope this continues to get bigger for you; they are wonderful to read :)
    The clothes and kids stuff you find are gorgeous too!