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When it comes to children’s food, I have to be honest and admit that I am a fan of quick and easy, but do feel as though I’m cooking the same foods on rotation.

Mstr M is still very much eating textured purees and finger foods, so no pressure on that front. Mstr L, however, has definitely had his ups and downs when it comes to food. His favourite foods are avocado sandwiches and pasta made with salmon, peas and cream cheese. He likes most fruit and veg, but will not tolerate broccoli! Fair enough. He even eats brussel sprouts (this definitely stems from Mr A who is obsessed with the green balls). After three and half years, I finally feel that he is doing well on the food front.

One thing i have definitely learnt from experience is not to get stressed when feeding the boys. When Mstr L was younger, I used to get so wound up if he hadn’t eaten well. It was so silly and achieved nothing, apart from stressing me out. I’ve realised that if he doesn’t want to eat, that’s that. I stopped getting anxious about it and now, touch wood, he is pretty good at eating.

I definitely need to up my game with healthy homemade meals though, and am all on for trying new things and learning more about nutrition. ‘Cooking Them Healthy‘ is the perfect go to site for this, and was set up by three lovely ladies with six children between them.

The fab and informative site provides easy and nutritious meal, snack and lunch box recipes to make at home for your children. It will also soon provide tips on healthy eating (one of the ladies is a nutritionist), shopping basket essentials and much, much more.

Homemade homous (top of my list), popcorn balls, frittata, yellow split pea and mint patties, blueberry and banana muffins, blackberry and raspberry jelly and amazing pink ice cream are just some of the enticing recipes on offer, that will guarantee whet any little monkey’s appetite.

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