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I am not one for juice fasts – there’s no point pretending. I would just faint and/or be grumpy. Very grumpy. I am, however, all on for delicious juices in conjunction with a healthy diet and have recently been introduced to these fab cold pressed juices from Bobo’s Juicery.

Jo Symes set up this lovely company in 2013 after experiencing allergies and intolerances due to a typical hectic work/party London lifestyle. She sought help from a nutritionist who radically altered her ways, and realised very quickly that eating a more natural plant based diet had amazing results. Renewed energy, boosted immune system and better skin were just some of the benefits – and so Bobo’s Juicery was born.

I have contemplated buying a snazzy juicer but they are all huge and eventually I know that it would just sit there and go rusty. I also don’t think that I will be getting up an hour earlier to prepare my kale, spinach, chia seed and goji berry dust wonder smoothie. No. I value my sleep much, much more.

That’s why these juices are perfect and they really are delicious. My favourite is the yummy ‘Mind Blowing’ juice with banana, buckwheat, date water, hemp seeds, himalayan pink salt and Ho Shou Wu.

I’ve just googled that last beauty and it claims to improve health, stamina and resistance to disease. Brilliant. One thing for sure is that I will not be toddling down to my local Chinese chemist and messing around with that one. Where would I begin?Bobos all 6 Sally Cole

Minimum order of six juices for £30, and they can be bought (and delivered to you) here.

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