♡ Emily Bond

Half term has begun. Oh yes it has. Finding things to do with both boys (when it’s miserable outside) is going to be difficult.

We will undoubtedly be found traipsing between the library, Eddie Catz, my favourite new coffee shop, ‘Shot Espresso‘, in Fulham (delicious strong coffee, lovely staff and my current addiction) and back home for playdates, puzzles and Play Doh fun. It is not fun when multiple children are involved though, and it goes everywhere. Roll on Summer. I am seriously craving some sunny, fun park time.

A friend of mine is a massive dachshund lover, so I thought I’d have a peek at Emily Bond and see what lovely things they have on offer. Everything is gorgeous and I’m stuck choosing a gift.

Their fabrics are beautiful and I love all of their cushions (in particular the pom pom trimmed ones). The wallpaper range is fantastic too.

They currently have lots of items on sale at the moment. See below for my favourites.


-L -L-3 -L-2 -L-1


-L -L-3 -L-2 -L-1

Homeware and fabric (on sale)

-L -L-2 -L-1 -L

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