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♡ Nutribullet

My lovely friend recently introduced me to the wonderful Nutribullet and it has already changed my ways. This amazingly small and neat gadget is so easy to use (and CLEAN) and makes the most delicious smoothies. It works by breaking down the ingredients into their most absorptive state, and at £99 is by far cheaper than other leading ones out there. You know who I’m talking about.

I feel slightly anxious about mentioning smoothies as I fear the Instagram world has gone a little crazy on them as well as avocado and ‘smashed’ eggs on bloomin’ (rye) toast and damn selfies. The latter, I feel, is a particular abomination as I swear it’s turning girls all over the world into vain little twerps.

Smoothies are amazing though and are such a good (and quick) way to get as many nutrients as possible. My favourite smoothie is without a doubt Deliciously Ella’s ‘Banana, Date and Almond Shake‘ that Mstr L loves to slurp down too. He is also somewhat partial to green smoothies, I kid you not. I obviously don’t let him see what goes in them.

He is a typical four year old when it comes to his greens and I once even resorted to telling him that spinach will make him strong like Popeye. I then, of course, had to google Popeye and show him the picture on my phone. He wasn’t impressed at all by this butch sailor/ex con, smoking a pipe, bulging arms covered in tats and neither was I.

What was I thinking?


♡ Bobo’s Juicery

I am not one for juice fasts – there’s no point pretending. I would just faint and/or be grumpy. Very grumpy. I am, however, all on for delicious juices in conjunction with a healthy diet and have recently been introduced to these fab cold pressed juices from Bobo’s Juicery.

Jo Symes set up this lovely company in 2013 after experiencing allergies and intolerances due to a typical hectic work/party London lifestyle. She sought help from a nutritionist who radically altered her ways, and realised very quickly that eating a more natural plant based diet had amazing results. Renewed energy, boosted immune system and better skin were just some of the benefits – and so Bobo’s Juicery was born.

I have contemplated buying a snazzy juicer but they are all huge and eventually I know that it would just sit there and go rusty. I also don’t think that I will be getting up an hour earlier to prepare my kale, spinach, chia seed and goji berry dust wonder smoothie. No. I value my sleep much, much more.

That’s why these juices are perfect and they really are delicious. My favourite is the yummy ‘Mind Blowing’ juice with banana, buckwheat, date water, hemp seeds, himalayan pinks salt and Ho Shou Wu.

I’ve just googled that last beauty and it claims to improve health, stamina and resistance to disease. Brilliant. One thing for sure is that I will not be toddling down to my local Chinese chemist and messing around with that one. Where would I begin?Bobos all 6 Sally Cole

Minimum order of six juices for £30, and they can be bought here.

♡ Cooking Them Healthy

When it comes to children’s food, I have to be honest and admit that I am all on for quick and easy, but do feel as though I’m cooking the same foods on rotation.

Mstr M is still very much eating textured purees and finger foods, so no pressure on that front. Mstr L, however, has definitely had his ups and downs when it comes to food. His favourite foods are avocado sandwiches and pasta made with salmon, peas and cream cheese. He likes most fruit and veg, but will not tolerate broccoli! Fair enough. He even eats brussel sprouts (this definitely stems from Mr A who is obsessed with the green balls). After three and half years, I finally feel that he is doing well on the food front.

One thing i have definitely learnt from experience is not to get stressed when feeding the boys. When Mstr L was younger, I used to get so wound up if he hadn’t eaten well. It was so silly and achieved nothing, apart from stressing me out. I’ve realised that if he doesn’t want to eat, that’s that. I stopped getting anxious about it and now, touch wood, he is pretty good at eating.

I definitely need to up my game with healthy homemade meals though, and am all on for trying new things and learning more about nutrition. ‘Cooking Them Healthy‘ is the perfect go to site for this, and was set up by three lovely ladies with six children between them.

The fab and informative site provides easy and nutritious meal, snack and lunch box recipes to make at home for your children. It will also soon provide tips on healthy eating (one of the ladies is a nutritionist), shopping basket essentials and much, much more.

Homemade homous (top of my list), popcorn balls, frittata, yellow split pea and mint patties, blueberry and banana muffins, blackberry and raspberry jelly and amazing pink ice cream are just some of the enticing recipes on offer, that will guarantee whet any little monkey’s appetite.

DSC_0047 DSC_0375 DSC_0391      DSC_0177

♡ Morphy Richards’ Soup Maker

I have just dropped Mstr L and his packed lunch at nursery. He is off on a school trip to The Natural History Museum, and as you can imagine, is beyond excited. I can’t wait to pick him up and to hear all about it. He has been tactically separated from his best female friend, much to my amusement, as they cause too much trouble. They also bicker like an old married couple, so his teacher tells me.

One of the lovely presents we received for Christmas from the boys’  Auntie N was this Soup Maker, by Morphy Richards. It is amazing and the easiest thing to use. You literally pour in some stock, throw in whatever vegetables you have, press the ‘smooth’ button (or ‘chunky’, if you prefer) and 25 minutes later you have a delicious smooth soup ready to eat.

It holds up to 1.6 litres which feeds around six people, and is such good value at £49.00. The best bit about it is that to clean, you simply rinse it in warm water and that is it.

Life changing stuff.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 09.41.15Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 09.41.40

♡ New Obsessions

Mstr L is at present captivated with his ‘Where’s Wally?’ book collection that he received for Christmas. He is very happy to sit there patiently staring at each page and then declaring with aplomb “I’VE FOUND HIM!”. Mr A and I have also set ourselves the challenge of who can find Wally the quickest. Oh yes we have.

Where wally

Mstr L is also currently obsessed with these delicious and healthy kids’ coconut ‘mylk’ drinks by ‘Rebel Kitchen‘ (currently available here, and soon to be widely available). They come in three flavours: ‘Banana Mylk’, ‘Choco Mylk’ and ‘Orange Choc Mylk’. We have only bought the ‘Choco Mylk’ one so far and I can honestly say that it is really tasty and perfect for the lunchbox.

What is most appealing about them is the list of ingredients. ‘Choco Mylk’ consists of water, coconut milk (11%), date nectar and cacao (2%) and that is it. No nasties, no sugar, just dairy free coconut goodness. We are already hooked.

rebel kitchen smallerChoco Mylk, RRP 99p

 ♡ Righteous Dressing

I love salads, particularly when they are doused in delicious dressing. I generally eat very little meat and pretty much always go for a veggie option when eating out. I am, however, partial to crispy bacon and the (very occasional) burgers at ‘Chosen Bun‘ in Fulham Broadway. They are ridiculously delicious – and as for their ‘Moonshakes’…

Back to the healthier stuff. My favourite salad dressing is by far any of the ‘Love Righteous‘ range. A buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato and avocado salad with some of their Ginger and Toasted Sesame Seed dressing is completely heavenly.

Mstr L is very taken by the Poppy and Lemon Mustard Seed dressing and loves dunking cucumber and carrot sticks into a little pot of the stuff. Mstr M is still gagging away on lumpy food, so we have a way to go there.

The scrummy dressings are available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Whole Foods and Ocado. They are vegan friendly, GMO free and 100% natural. They have also brought out a delicious Pro-Heart oil which contains the highest level of Omega 3 and the lowest level of saturated fat, compared to other oils on the market – making it perfect for family cooking. Check out their inspirations page here for lovely meal ideas.

raspberry-basil lemon-mustard ginger-sesame caper-peppercorn-1 blue-cheese

Talking of Whole Foods, a big shiny new one is opening in Fulham Broadway in the new year, and I am already a little excited. I have learnt my lesson though and will NEVER set foot in there on an empty stomach. Huge error.

I’m also rather excited about Labi Deli and Cafe reopening in Fulham after undergoing a makeover. What I love about this place, apart from their delicious coffee and food, is that there is a children’s play area! To be able to sit and relax, sipping a coffee while your child happily plays is worth its weight in gold.

♡ The Dip Society 

My name is Lucy and I am addicted to homous. There. I said it. Anyone that knows me well, knows I love my homous and, well, any sort of dip really.

Back in the days, I denounced revolting school food, and instead survived pretty much solely on a diet of baguettes filled with cheese and chive dip with sliced avocado (I might add, I was tiny back then, and had a fast metabolism!).

Fast forward many years, the metabolism has definitely changed, but my dip fetish most certainly has not.

I am always on the dip hunt, and feel that my favourite Sabre homous may have finally been usurped by ‘The Dip Society‘. On a side note, if this were an actual society dedicated to the world of dipping, I would so join. It is in fact a lovely company based in Lincolnshire, producing the most heavenly range of dips out there.

Started by two girls who met at a mutual friend’s wedding, Helen (who previously worked for twelve years in fashion and TV) and Claire (who worked in food and creates the dips) formed a company to specialise in delicious, nutritious and gluten free dips.

I am hooked already, and have tried all of them! They are all delicious, but my favourites are Super duper Hummus, Sweetbeet, Wasapea and Mackeralata.

Mstr L is also a homous aficionado, thanks to his addict mother, and going by the way he wolfed down his pitta, carrot sticks and Super duper Hummus earlier- I’d say we’ve found a winner.

The dips are pretty much guilt free as they have great nutritional value, are gluten free and free from all the other nasties you regularly see in other brands.

I’m still weaning Mstr M (who is somewhat struggling with textured foods at present) but give it time…

Perfect for Christmas entertaining, (or just eating by yourself, accompanied by toasted wholemeal pitta, watching Homeland, glass of red to hand) and available at various farmers markets and Ocado. Dip heaven.


♡ Coco Vita

Coco Vita is my serious indulgent go-to drink, and I drank it by the gallon when pregnant.

A friend in the know told me that it is the best thing to drink when expecting as not only is it pasteurized, it just hits the spot when it comes to thirst. It is also potassium stacked.

Mstr L (my three year old son) adores it, and I was so happy to hear that they have brought out a children’s range (out soon in the UK).

I also love their Coco Cafe range – available from Waitrose. (For that extra kick!)

vita kids


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